Capture where you're at by using "Is Here GPS Locator" for Android

Have you ever wanted to let someone know where you were, but didn't really know how to tell them where you were? With this simple, no frills Android app, you'll never have that problem again. With a few easy key strokes, your location and a link to a map showing your exact location will be on its way to them.
Want to keep track of places you have been? Send your location to your Evernote account and have a record of all of the cool places you have stumbled upon in your worldly travels. Remember where you parked your car or that great fishing hole you found. Even keep track of that roaming teenager on Friday nights. They can check in with you at prearranged intervals and there will be no questions about where they are. Peace of mind is priceless! Start using “Is Here” today...
Users have found many ways to benefit from this nifty tool. Some are using it to capture where they parked their car. Others use it to note new restaurants that they find as well as the meal they ate when they were there. Some track what they spend and where they spend it. If you are on a trip and want to remember places that you stopped along the way, Is Here is for you. Click on the Is Here logo below to download it now.