Chrome scroll bar missing in action!

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt like I was missing something when navigating the web.  I use Chrome, and have done so for a very long time.  I love Google Chrome, but something just didn't feel right.  It was like my layout had changed and scrolling was more difficult.  I had been playing around with themes, and I thought that I may have screwed something up with one of my attempts to make things look cool.  I reset Chrome to its default settings, and other than forcing myself to reconfigure all of the things I like, I still had a feeling that all was not well in Mudville.

After much searching, I finally found what it was that was missing.  The little arrows that used to be at the top and bottom of the scroll bar were no longer there.  Apparently, there was an update to Chrome that removed them.  Why do things that seem to be so insignificant turn our world upside down when they are gone?  I think it is because of our need for feng shui.

Never fear!  Thanks to this post, How to restore scroll bar arrows in Google Chrome, by Martin Brinkmann on, you can fill the void that is causing your world to feel incomplete by adding a simple extension.  By installing Win7 Scrollbars extension, the arrows on your scroll bar will magically reappear.  Thanks Martin for helping return feng shui to my world.  We now return to our regularly scheduled program.