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I think we all have been in a restaurant, had a few drinks, and then screwed up the tip.  Maybe you added wrong.  Left too small of a tip.  Or even left a tip that was way too big.  Tipsy Waiter is a free and simple tip calculator that allows you to quickly and easily calculate the gratuity for your dinner and or drinks at your favorite restaurant or bar. It calculates the tip based on standard percentages, but also allows you to round the tip up and down. Never again will you struggle to add up the total when you are in a dimly lit restaurant or bar and everybody is watching you. This will be the best free app you will ever download. This is an exclusive Android app. Tipsy Waiter, displays a funny quote of the day at the bottom of the screen when you are done leaving your tip. It's almost like getting your own personal fortune cookie. This isn't just a tip calculator, it's the best tip calculator!  Watch this short video to see how easy this app is to use.  Download Tipsy Waiter now by clicking on the picture below.  Get Tipsy now!
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