Coronavirus - What's it gonna do?

Unless you have been living under a rock, there has been no way to avoid the impact that the current Coronavirus scare has inflicted on your life.  If you are in the stock market, you have watched some pretty scary volatility as the number of those infected inside the boundaries of the United States continues to grow.  Certain items like hand sanitizers and face masks are in high demand since they have been linked to countless ads touting them as key protectors from the rapidly advancing virus.

People are generally scared of the unknown, and nobody knows exactly what this virus is going to do.  There are lots of gloom and doomers out there, but there are also many who think this is an over hyped news story.  I am hoping for the latter, but in all reality, it probably lies somewhere between the two extremes.  It would be prudent for all of us to take some measure of precaution to protect ourselves and others from the current version of this virus called COVID-19.  What can you do?  At the very least it is recommended by many to do the following 4 things:
  1. Wash your hands often and thoroughly - use soap and water and scrub well for at least 20 seconds.  
  2. If you can't wash your hands, use hand sanitizer consisting of at least 60% alcohol.
  3. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze - afterwards see #1 and #2 above.
  4. Don't touch your face with your hands.  Germ ridden hands touching your mouth, nose, and eyes is a recipe for introducing bad things to your body.  Again see #1 and #2 above.
There is no sure way to protect yourself or others from this virus, but awareness of your surroundings and doing the 4 things listed above can't hurt.  Only time will tell the impact of the Coronavirus.  Keep an eye on the information disseminated by the World Health Organization.  Check out their website,, for the most current information.  

Peace of Mind is One Click Away!

If you have an older parent that lives alone, you know the worries that you have that are inescapable.  Are they okay?  Have they fallen and can't get up?  Are they experiencing Covid19 symptoms?  Did something bad happen to them since you last talked to them?  You know the drill.  Having senior parents is not an easy task and comes with lots of worries.
I want to tell you about an Android app that can help provide you some solace.  The app is called
A Okay and is meant for your parent or loved one to load on their phone.  It is very simple to use.  You can download the app for them from the Google Play store.  Once installed you can drag the app icon to their main home screen.  Open the app and go to the settings and enter your phone number in the space provided and then flip the slider on the times when you want them to be reminded to send you a status update.  After you save the suggestions, the app will do its thing.  At the times selected, it will sound a short alarm and send a notification to the phone to remind your parent to send you a status update.  There are 3 large icons on the main screen.  Yellow for "I'm having a great day".  White for "Just checking in, I'm Okay".  And finally, Red for "I need some help!!!".  All your parent has to do is tap the one that represents what is going on at the time, and the appropriate message is loaded into their default text app.  A tap of the send button and they are done and you now have some peace of mind.  If they want to talk to you instead, they can click the green bar at the bottom of the screen and it will load the dialer up with your phone number and they can call you in a jiffy.
This app is free and easy to use.  Here is a short demo video to show you how to use "A Okay".  Better yet, Follow this link to get A Okay from Google Play store and download the app and try it yourself.  Then you can rest easy.


Make restaurant tipping easy! Get Tipsy for free.

I think we all have been in a restaurant, had a few drinks, and then screwed up the tip.  Maybe you added wrong.  Left too small of a tip.  Or even left a tip that was way too big.  Tipsy Waiter is a free and simple tip calculator that allows you to quickly and easily calculate the gratuity for your dinner and or drinks at your favorite restaurant or bar. It calculates the tip based on standard percentages, but also allows you to round the tip up and down. Never again will you struggle to add up the total when you are in a dimly lit restaurant or bar and everybody is watching you. This will be the best free app you will ever download. This is an exclusive Android app. Tipsy Waiter, displays a funny quote of the day at the bottom of the screen when you are done leaving your tip. It's almost like getting your own personal fortune cookie. This isn't just a tip calculator, it's the best tip calculator!  Watch this short video to see how easy this app is to use.  Download Tipsy Waiter now by clicking on the picture below.  Get Tipsy now!
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